FL Bid Protest

Hello, I am Daniel Woodring, and this is a website by the Woodring Law Firm, focused on legal matters related to state and governmental purchasing and procurement in Florida. Florida Procurement is one of the areas our firm specializes in, and we decided to set up a special site dedicated to procurement to provide updates on legal rulings relating  to bid protests and other matters of interest. Please check out our blog for recent rulings.

State of Florida Purchasing and Procurement requirements,  and the resulting bid protests, including challenges to RFPs (Request for proposals), and ITN’s (Invitation to Negotiate) are  a specialized area of the law, with  timelines often measured in hours and not days, and million dollar contracts at stake. Often, by the time the final award of a contract is announced, it is too late to successfully challenge the contract, multiple earlier points of entry to challenge specifications or even responsiveness may have been waived.

This is why we try to encourage businesses, vendors and bidders to start working with us early on in the procurement process, even before the bid specifications have been released. We often take the “the contract was awarded to someone else, can you help calls, and sometimes we can, but the earlier we are involved the more help we can often provide.


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